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The Ride is the Experience


Chapter One

The Ride is the Experience will give you a structured list of reasonable challenges to help guide you through learning the skills needed to have fun surfing sessions each time you paddle out. The ocean's tide pulls surfers into an energy zone filled with white water, bubbles, salt, sea weed, dolphins, birds, sore muscles, frozen limbs, lungs that hurt from lack of air and arms that get so tired, you can't push yourself up when the next wave comes. But the ride is the reward that makes it all worth it.

The Ride is the Experience will help prepare beginning to intermediate surfers for adventures with the ocean. If all the angles are considered before paddling into the surf, you will have an advantage that will help you to have fun, safe sessions. The ocean has many moods and this book will help you to identify the many conditions that affect your local break. Each day you paddle out, you get to know the ocean a bit more than you knew her yesterday. If you are not prepared, you may find yourself gasping for air in an unsafe situation. This book is intended to help make each session fun by providing surf instruction, basic ocean geology to help you best understand wave formation, and safety tips for beginning to intermediate surfers of all ages. If you have already gone surfing, this book will help you to advance.

The Ride is the Experience has something special to offer that other surf books can't. This book was written by an intermediate and an expert surfer. Together we make the perfect combo. The Ride is the Experience includes information on the "little thingsā€ that can feel overwhelming to a beginner that surf books written by pros skip over. In addition, helpful tips on more advanced strategies and situations are also included. For example, in order to catch a wave, first it is necessary to read a wave to determine its direction and shape; that is why we have included simple to understand geologic diagrams of the ocean floor that will help you to begin to better understand the language of the ocean. Another important aspect of surfing is your mind set. This book will give you an advantage in all the areas that matter, so that you will have the most confidence as you paddle out. Again the combination of an expert and an intermediate makes the perfect combination to create the best possible book for entry level and intermediate surfers. You will know where to put your car keys, how to change in public, and the best way to carry a nine foot board to the water on a windy day. You will also learn about tides, currents, wind and the difference between a beach break and a point break. And, of course, you will have an understanding of how to catch a wave and ride. In this edition, we have also included GIF maps specifically for Southern California breaks, including the type of wave found at each break, and other local information. Between the two of us, we have all the angles covered for you.

Learning to surf involves early morning hours, chilled bones, huge waves crashing on you, and just when you come up for air, you find another set wave about to hit. This book will not eliminate these situations but will educate you, so you'll be prepared. No one can surf for you, but this book will help you to know what to do when you get there. Even if you don't catch a wave each time you paddle out, you will learn something new each time you surf because the ocean is a great teacher.